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Hey there ladies and germs out there in internet land i'm Hannah! I have a crazy amazing boyfriend the coolest dog in the world ummmmm i'm into horror and gore, i'm dark yall sorry! But anyway im and english freak and an art fanatic so hope you like my blog!
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I’ve been cursed with the ability to over think.

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Brooklyn-based Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park ongoing work, utilizes Park’s keen eye for shapes and shadows to form his monochromatic works. His multilayered lattice structures use their network of crossing wires to create deeper shades in areas of concentration and, alternatively, a sense of light in areas where Park clips the wires down.

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My make up is messed up because of you,  fucker.


Save the Mermaids!


here’s a sketch…


here’s a sketch…

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George Harrison

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[So you’re keeping an eye on Hollywood?] I’m not in any rush, you know what I mean? I won’t sell out, I won’t put myself over there with like any old thing. I can’t be arsed to start all over again, you know? I’d rather they knocked on the door. They do contact my agent quite often, a lot of LA managers and agents, which is flattering because it means it’s impressing the right people but it doesn’t mean anything to me – I just want to keep working for the right reasons…

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